Our vaccination teams will be working across Phnom Penh Province from 22nd May - 2nd June 2023.

We will be posting the vaccination schedule here a few weeks before the campaign.

Please check when your area is due to be visited by our teams and make sure you make arrangements to get your dog vaccinated.

This could include:

  • Start some light handling of your dog so they are okay to be held for vaccination
    • Give your dog some treats/ leftover food
    • Start by offering a hand for the dog to sniff
    • Stroke your dog gently on its back or under its chin
    • Try to get your dog used to a lead by loosely putting one on and gradually walking around together - give lots of treats so the dog knows that this is okay
    • Don't push your dog too fast, they need to get used to you slowly
  • Ensure you or a family member will be at home to help our teams vaccinate your dog
  • If you dog is normally free-roaming, keep it in your yard/on a lead (with food and water) during the time the vaccination campaign is in your area
  • If the owner isn't going to be in the house when the teams are coming to your area, make sure you tell another family member or neighbour that you want your dog vaccinated and you give them permission to get this done on your behalf.

If you have any questions, please visit our FAQ page.


Keep an eye on our project's progress using this interactive map.

Each dot on the map represents a dog vaccination!